Get your nervous dog ready for the 4th of July with these tips!

The Fourth of July is an exciting time! Fireworks are the main event but can be the main cause of your dog’s stress. If your dog is distressed by the loud and sudden noises during the holiday, let’s look at simple solutions to have a more enjoyable Fourth of July-- for everyone!

A Quiet and Safe Place

Dogs with firework anxiety usually hide, but that doesn’t mean they want to be alone. Your dog will appreciate being in the same room as you, and it can give them a greater sense of safety.

Your dog will also appreciate a safe, dark space to hide. Shut out any lights from outside and drown out large booms with dog-approved music or white noise. Pets usually like being in a bathroom or a bedroom, even in a cozy crate. Wherever your pet may feel comfortable is good.


Calming Supplements For Your Dog on the Fourth of July

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