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New! Brave Paws Calming Support Soft Chews for Dogs

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Is Your Dog Filled With Anxiety and Stress?

If your dog struggles with anxiety, worry or fear, it breaks your heart to see them distressed and nervous all the time. The constant barking, pacing, and destructive behaviors that come with dog anxiety can be extremely frustrating as well. You've tried training, pheromones, and home remedies but nothing seems to work. Your vet suggested sedatives that make your dog sleepy and just mask the problem. What you really want is real, lasting relief so your dog can live stress-free and you can have your happy pup back.

The great news is there's finally a natural solution that's clinically proven to calm uneasy dogs without sedating them - it's called Brave Paws.

The Brave Paws Difference

  • Clinically Researched: Brave Paws is clinically researched and designed to promote calm in distressed dogs. In studies it's been shown to significantly reduce worry and stress.
  • Exclusive Ingredients: Brave Paws contains a rainforest vine called Souroubea that's been used in South American medicine for centuries to naturally treat nervousness and fear. This exclusive ingredient is the key to helping manage your dog's stress.
  • Works Fast: Brave Paws starts working within 30-60 minutes to relieve anxiety but won't make your dog drowsy. No more sedation side effects!
  • Brave Paws is a safe to use natural product with no prescription required and no negative side effects like drowsiness.
  • Brave Paws is easy. Give your fur baby the tasty beef flavored chew twice daily for maintenance or an hour before an anticipated high stress event.
  • Plant-Based: Brave Paws is plant-based, contains no soy, corn or grain, natural, and sustainably sourced from a village cooperative in Costa Rica.
  • No Toxic Chemicals: Brave Paws contains no CBD, THC, Cannabis, tryptophan or melatonin.
  • 60+ 5 Star Reviews: With over 60 five-star reviews, dog owners are raving about the life-changing results of Brave Paws for separation phobia, noise phobias, travel stress and more.

Don't wait for your dog's anxiety to get worse. Give them the natural relief they deserve with Brave Paws calming chews. Your furry friend and wallet will thank you!