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How to help your anxious pet

How to help your anxious pet

How to help your anxious pet

It’s hard to imagine life without our dogs because they are more than companions– they’re family. When our dog has anxiety, how do we help them become their playful self again? Naturally, some dog owners wonder if it is safe to give their dogs anti-anxiety supplements.

What are Canine Anti-Anxiety Supplements?

If you’re at the point of looking for at-home treatments for your pet’s anxiety, you have plenty of choices. There are many safe and effective supplements available to try that can be a great help to ease your pet’s anxiety symptoms.

There are several ways to treat an anxious dog. This includes reconditioning or reprograming the dog to be able to respond positively to its anxiety-related trigger, desensitization of the dog by exposure to the source of anxiety, which helps it develop resistance, and the use of medications. 

You can also opt for a plant-based solution. For instance, tapping into the powers of Souroubea. This botanical approach to using medications to curb anxiety in dogs has proven very effective with little to no side effects. The leaves of Souroubea spp., contain a primary anxiolytic chemical called Butelinic Acid.

Here’s how it all works:

Simply put, Souroubea extracts have anxiolytic – AKA anti-anxiety – effects. The plant has the capacity to reduce stress-induced cortisol levels in canines, and this makes it a very formidable anxiolytic medication. In fact, the drug was once tested on a group of Beagle dogs with fear-related anxiety, using thunderstorms as a trigger. In the end, dogs who received the Souroubea-Platanus tablets showed less anxiety than the dogs placed in other groups.

Are anti-anxiety supplements safe?

A recent study found that more than 74% of dog have some type of anxiety. So, you are not alone in your journey to treat your dog’s condition.

Medications for pet anxiety symptoms may be calming supplements, herbal remedies, or prescription medications from a veterinarian.

When it comes to choosing medicine for your pet, it is most important to find a safe and effective one. Pet owners worry about giving their dogs any type of drug because they don't want to hurt them or make them sicker than they already are, but this isn't the case with all supplements. There are generally safe supplements and medications that you can feel confident about giving to your pet in their time of anxiety.

However, avoid supplements that are toxic or have not been approved for use for dogs, so your pet won’t have any adverse reactions.

As a dog owner, you should know that many anxiety supplements are safe and effective. Anti-anxiety supplements may improve your dog’s health when they suffer from phobias or panic attacks. It may be comforting to know that even though many dogs struggle with an anxiety disorder, most dogs respond well to treatment.