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Are your pets safe from the summer heat?

Are your pets safe from the summer heat?

Are your pets safe from the summer heat?

Summertime is the best time! It’s a time to be active and travel anywhere your heart desires. When bringing your dog along for some fun in the sun, take the necessary preventive measures to avoid your dog experiencing a heat stroke or dehydration. Dogs love to play hard so taking these precautions will help keep the good times rolling for you and your dog this summer.

  • ●  If your pet will be going on adventures and socializing frequently this season, keep them up-to-date on vaccinations and flea and tick medications.  Make your vet visit easier with Brave Paws!

  • ●  Your pet may have exposure to toxic chemicals such as bug repellent candles, torches, and pesticides lawn treatments to name a few. It’s just a matter of keeping these harmful substances away from your pet and not having them walk on treated grass – if they do, just wipe off their paws really well.

  • ●  Many foods and beverages (alcoholic drinks) at cookouts are not pet safe. The consequences of your dog eating or drinking something they shouldn’t ingest could lead to diarrhea, coma, or even worse. Don’t assume that people around you know what foods are safe for dogs. You can let everyone know beforehand to ask before feeding any treats to avoid feeding your dog anything poisonous.

  • ●  Prevent dehydration by providing plenty of water and taking rest periods indoors or in the shade if the weather becomes too hot for comfort. In the event of dehydration, your dog will need more than just water, they will need their electrolytes replenished with electrolyte-enhanced drinks or IV fluids.

  • ●  If a dog has too much exposure to the summer heat and is unable to cool down fast enough, they will suffer from heatstroke– which is a serious and potentially fatal condition that is best to prevent. Plan trips when the temperatures will be cooler to avoid heatstroke.

  • ●  Of course, leaving a pet in a car during hot weather is a bad idea because temperatures rise very quickly in enclosed spaces and result in suffocation within minutes– yes, only minutes!

  • ●  Keep an eye on your dog around pools and other bodies of water. Just like people, dogs can benefit from wearing flotation devices and having a swimming buddy to stay safe. You can skip the life vest if you’re just filling up the kiddy pool though!

  • ●  Shorter snout dogs, such as Pugs or Boxers, have more difficulty regulating their body temperature and need to have plenty of access to air-conditioned locations.

    Taking some preventive measures and having a well-thought-out plan this summer will pay off in the long run– and your dog will thank you for it!