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Secrets to easier vet visits

Secrets to easier vet visits

Secrets to easier vet visits

It’s an age-old question, how can vet appointments with my dog be less stressful?

Dogs are nervous in unfamiliar territory – especially in the vet’s office! With the new smells and sounds in the environment, your dog doesn’t know what to expect.

The good news is that with some patience and planning, trips to the vet can be enjoyable for you and your dog. Let’s cover the main tips to making trips to the vet a walk in the park!


Desensitize Your Dog to the Vet

The key is to get your dog to have positive associations with going to the vet. You’ve probably heard of positive reinforcement dog training– it's simple to do!


First, call your vet to ask their permission to come by their office for a brief visit to say hello and give treats for a few minutes. You can let the office know you want to desensitize your dog to the vet; that way, he’s more relaxed on the day of the appointment. You can even weigh your dog on the scale to familiarize him with appointment procedures.


Make the Road Trip Fun

A well-thought-out plan before heading to the vet help create a positive experience. Before traveling, bring your dog along for a short walk so they’re less restless during travel. If your dog is comfortable, they’re more likely to enjoy the ride! For some dogs, traffic noise is distressing – playing soft music and driving slower may help. Some other things that dogs can benefit from before their appointment are having a healthy meal or a little nap.


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