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How Brave Paws helps with dog anxiety

How Brave Paws helps with dog anxiety

How Brave Paws helps with dog anxiety

Everyone is familiar with how anxiety feels.

From studying for a math test in school to those pre-game jitters before a competition, or the nerves you feel walking into the doctor’s office, anxiety is a common occurrence in our daily lives.

But did you know that dogs get anxious too?

In fact, anxiety has been proven to be regularly occurring in dogs. Experts have found that as many as 72.5% of dogs suffer from anxiety due to different stimuli. Just like with people, dogs feel anxiety for all sorts of reasons.

For example, think about how dogs react when a loud thunderstorm rolls in. Or when a scary looking stranger approaches on the sidewalk. While we know there is no inherent danger, your pup might feel differently and start to exhibit symptoms of anxiety, including: panting, drooling, excessive barking, pacing, restlessness, and potentially aggression and destructive behavior.

Are they bad dogs?

No! Of course not.

They are simply suffering from moderate to extreme anxiety.  

Brave Paws to the Rescue! 

While it can be stressful to live with an anxious pet, the good news is that their anxiety can be accommodated.

This is why Brave Paw's Souroubea-Platanus based solutions have emerged as scientifically researched dog anti-anxiety supplements to reduce the stressor and damages of anxiety. When it comes to canines, all anxieties fit into one of three categories. These are: fear-related anxiety, separation-related anxiety, and aging-related anxiety.

Brave Paws offers support for all.

In addition to basic steps pet owners can take to reduce their pup’s anxiety (like understanding a dog’s body language, providing love and comfort, and using training to desensitize them to anxiety inducing stimuli, etc.) sometimes, a veterinarian will also recommend a supplement  like Brave Paws.

This novel botanical blend is a mixture of natural ingredients. The plant based botanical contains a primary anxiolytic called butelinic acid, as well as other related triterpenes. The product is a blend of 55:45 w/w souroubea spp. (SSB) and platanus spp. tree bark (PTB).

The result?

A fast acting, non-drowsy anti-anxiety support for dogs everywhere!

A Long History of Traditional Medicine Uses

People have used plants as medicine forever. Since time immemorial, we have been collecting herbs, flowers, bark, berries, and plants of all species to improve our physical and mental health.

Souroubea is no different.

Studies show that the O'eqchi' Maya healers in Belize made use of Souroubea to treat “witchcraft” which in the traditional days was recognized by the symptoms of withdrawal, apathy to daily life, and reduced verbal communication. (Mullally et al., 2014). Similarly, this plant was used in the Amazon by Kubuyari as a calming agent for elders experiencing symptoms of nervousness (Schultes & Raffauf, 1990).

The Karijona also used Souroubea as a tranquilzer and the Taiwanos treated people who had “susto” (a culture-specific syndrome which occurs in response to a frightening event) ( Puniani et al, 2015).

Clearly, Sourourbea is a useful traditional medicine indeed.

How Can Dogs Benefit From Souroubea?

Now, thanks to the cases above, we know that Souroubea has anxiolytic effects on humans. But what about animals? Is this plant-based supplements applicable for dogs?

Let’s look at the science.

Under the conditions of a study and based on the results of daily observations, physical examinations, bloodwork, clinical pathology, and urinalysis as recorded by Masic et al. (2021), Souroubea botanical tablets were administered to dogs. After 28 days, no negative effects on the health of the dogs were observed. So, yes, it was deemed safe and effective for treating anxiety in dogs.

This is wonderful news for pet parents with anxious fur babies!