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What is separation anxiety?

What is separation anxiety?

What is separation anxiety?

When it comes to separation anxiety, every dog can fall into this trap of feelings no matter what breed they are. Just like us as humans, dogs tend to cling to their owner or people whom they have a connection with and while it is a good thing, it can also have its downfall. Although any dog can become a victim of it, there are, however, some breeds that are more likely to feel this sense of anxiety. 

What is Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is the overwhelming feeling of distress when separated from their owner and in turn, can cause behavior problems. A dog doesn’t understand “time” and can begin to feel this way shortly after being left alone.

Key signs that your dog is dealing with anxiety while you are gone include urinating in the home, destroying furniture or other household items, shaking, and barking/howling. While these can be signs of separation anxiety, they can also be normal in pups who have yet to learn the basics of being inside.

5 Most Common Breeds in This Category

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Border Collie
  3. Jack Russell Terrier
  4. German Shepard
  5. Australian Shepard

How to care for Your Dog with Anxiety

If you have confirmed that your dog makes the list of battling separation anxiety but are unsure what to do, no worries, there are a few ways to help your fur baby!

Leaving a toy such as a puzzle or a toy with treats inside can be a fun way to keep your pup occupied while you are away. These types of toys require the dog to stay busy and work for a reward without them realizing that time is passing. Try to keep a redundant schedule so that they can get used to the times that you will be going and coming. Try to make the comings and goings low-key without making it too obvious. It has also been shown that leaving your worn clothes laying out for them can ease the anxiety as they will have your scent nearby.

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