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Does my dog have anxiety?

Does my dog have anxiety?

Does my dog have anxiety?

Here’s a pop quiz for you!

True or False? Dogs will outgrow separation anxiety.

The answer actually depends! If your dog’s symptoms are mild, they may get better over time. According to this study, the more severe symptoms are less likely to improve without behavioral training.

Let’s figure out whether your pet may have separation anxiety by looking at the symptoms.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

Dogs are emotional creatures and can become overly attached to their owner or family, following them from room to room in the house and resisting being left alone outside.

Humans bred dogs to follow them around. So, asking a dog not to follow you goes against their instincts.

If your dog experiences extreme stress when left alone, they will usually do one or more of the following while you’re away:

-Bark or whine excessively

-Vandalize the home

-Pant excessively

-Pace the floor

-Urinate inappropriately


Could it be something else?

To determine if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, conditions that look like separation anxiety should be ruled out.

Consider whether your pet is misbehaving due to boredom, experiencing side effects of a medication, lacking physical or mental exercise, teething, or barking at triggers like the sound of the mail truck.

Now that you're sure your dog's anxiety is caused by being away from people, there are ways to address the problem.


Help Your Pet with Separation Anxiety

The best way to calm your dog with separation anxiety is to use treats and toys to occupy them. Think of a puzzle toy full of peanut butter or a bone that's safe to chew and won’t splinter.

Dogs with separation anxiety may feel better when watching TV or listening to the radio. Another option is to give them dog-approved supplements to calm them down while you’re away.

Treating separation anxiety in dogs is a process that requires consistency and patience. Feel free to find support if you need help correcting your dog’s anxious behaviors.

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