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How Souroubea naturally helps calm dogs

How Souroubea naturally helps calm dogs

How Souroubea naturally helps calm dogs

All dogs – regardless of age or breed – can experience anxiety.

Statistically speaking, over 70% of dogs worldwide are estimated to have anxiety of some sort. This could be due to noise phobias, situational fear and separation-related anxiety or other factors, like fireworks, vet visits, strange places or people, travel, and even age.

But as pet owners, how we treat anxiety symptoms in our pets will differ greatly when compared to how we would approach an anxious person. As human beings, we can confide in trusted friends. Or talk about mental health struggles with a therapist.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t have those options!

As a result, it’s up to us to find ways to help our four-legged friends. One nature-based solution?

The calming properties of Souroubea.

What Makes Souroubea Different from Other Medications?

Alprazolam. Lorazepam. Diazepam.

If these three drugs sound unfamiliar, that’s because you probably know them by their more commonly used names: Xanax, Ativan, and Valium.

And while veterinarians may prescribe any number of medications to treat moderate to severe anxiety, this can be confusing for dog parents. Afterall, many drugs come with side effects that can make weighing the pros and cons a challenging endeavour. This is especially true if the potential side effects outweigh the benefits of the anxiety medication, or it takes a long time to start to see results.

Souroubea offers a more natural solution.

Products such as Brave Paws make use of drugs that contain extracts of Souroubea spp. Souroubea spp. is as a "leaf and stem growth" of the neotropical vines S. sympetela gilgii or S. gilgii, or any mixture of both. The plant itself is famous for having anxiolytic effect, and its history can be traced to its pre-modern usage.

Quite amazingly, the Souroubea plant was proven to also reduce stress-induced cortisol in dogs. An experiment to show the effectiveness of the Souroubea spp. revealed that the plant extract had the capacity to create greater inactivity and also facilitate a state of less anxiety in dogs when exposed to anxiety-infusing situations.

Not to mention, the presence of Betulinic acid in the drug (which is very important in reducing stress in dogs) was found to last much longer, as opposed to other existing drugs on the market.

Furthermore, unlike other anti-anxiety medications, experiments with Souroubea show no adverse effects on dog health. 

What does that mean for your anxious pup?

A sense of calm. Less obsessive barking, aggressive behaviour, drooling, pacing, panting, and destructive habits.

All thanks to the natural healing powers of the Souroubea plant!