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Why is my dog chewing on my stuff?

Why is my dog chewing on my stuff?

Why is my dog chewing on my stuff?

Do you have a destructive chewer in the house? Chewing on bones, toys or anything else is a way for dogs to increase their serotonin levels– so that’s why they love chewing bones! However, your dog may turn to chew on things that aren’t designated chewing toys.

Dogs don’t have the same mental capacity as a human. They don’t understand the dangers that chewing on certain things has. Some dogs seem to chew on anything in their way or in sight if they happen to be bored, excited, or even hungry.

The Reason Behind the Chewing

To determine the reason behind your dog’s destructive chewing, let’s look at the possibilities underlying their behavior.

  • Separation anxiety

  • Dog doesn’t know the difference between dog toys and human toys (lack of


  •  Boredom and lack of intellectual stimulation

  • Energetic and need physical exercise

  • Puppy teething

    How to Stop Destructive Chewing

    The first thing you should do if your dog starts chewing an inappropriate object is to remove it from its mouth. You should then give them an approved chew toy to entertain themself with, and if applicable, relieve teething pain.

    Let’s talk about training your dog to stop chewing. Some dogs may respond well when instructed not to chew on certain objects. Such training requires persistent instruction and discipline on your part. Training your dog not to chew something without giving a replacement chew toy may be the hardest route because dogs generally enjoy chewing and you can use this to your advantage. Instead, the easiest way to eliminate destructive chewing could be by providing your dog with plenty of chew toys that are more attractive than anything else in the household.

In addition, it is wise to dog-proof your house so that most chewing temptations are out of the way.

Puppy Teething

If you have a new puppy who likes to chew destructively, it is important that you establish what is acceptable and what must never be chewed on. Some baby toys closely resemble dog toys and it can be confusing for your pet. Establishing these ground rules early on will help leave baby toys intact and safe from harm.