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5 things to have in your summer doggie bag

5 things to have in your summer doggie bag

5 things to have in your summer doggie bag

Ah, summer. It’s finally here!

Whether you like to hit the beach, relax on the dock, or head into the city, there is nothing like spending warm sunny days with your dog.


But outdoor adventures in the hot weather also take some planning. Just like how you need sunscreen, shorts, and sandals, your pup should also have their own doggie bag carrying canine essentials.


So, bring on the summer fun with the following 5 doggie bag must-haves!


  1. Collapsible Water Bowl


First on the list is a foldable water bowl for dogs. Did you know? Dogs require one ounce of water per pound of their body weight (and more if they are active).

Dehydration is extremely dangerous for dogs. All their natural activities, such as walking, running, playing, panting, and “doing their business” will cause a dog to lose fluids throughout the day.


Not enough water, and they may become tired, stop eating, vomit, or even collapse.


So, pack a pop-up dog bowl for H2O on the go! 


  1. Canine First Aid Kit


Next up is a dog first aid kit. During the summertime, people often travel. Your local veterinarian could be hours away. Plus, those who bring their dogs camping or backpacking are not always within driving distance of an emergency veterinarian.


That’s why all summer doggie bags need a first aid kit. This should contain rubber gloves, bandages, gauze, scissors, tape, a small towel, Hydrogen Peroxide, a vet-approved antibiotic ointment, plus a canine first aid guidebook.


Remember, accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Don’t get caught unprepared.



  1. Brave Paws Chewable Tablets


Speaking of being ready, does your dog get anxious? According to research, approximately 70% of dogs struggle with some form of anxiety. For instance, separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, strange people, unfamiliar environments, etc.


Of course, all these anxiety-inducing stimuli can occur in the summer. July and August are primetime for fireworks and thunderstorms. Not to mention, there will be lots of large crowds and odd sights and smells. It can all amount to heightened anxiety levels for your poor pup…


Luckily, Brave Paws is here to help!


Made with extracts from the Souroubea plant, Brave Paws is a natural solution for anxious pets. Pack some Brave Paws chewables in your summer doggie bag.


  1. Cooling Bandana or Pad


Staying cool is important for both people and dogs. Too much sun can lead to burns, cracked skin, and even heatstroke. Ruh-roh! In addition to always providing a shady spot for your pooch, consider also packing a cooling bandana, scarf, or pad. Soak the fabric in water for a safe and easy way to lower their body temperature. 


  1. Tick Remover


Finally, never go anywhere without your trusty tick remover.


Available for under $20, this is a must-have summer doggie bag item. Currently, blacklegged ticks are found in 37 States and across all of southern Canada. They are literally everywhere.


Dogs pick up ticks when walking through grasses and shrubs. These bloodsuckers climb onto a dog’s fur and burrow themselves in the skin. Left untreated, ticks can transmit Lyme Disease, Canine Bartonellosis, Rickettsial Diseases, and more. Check your dog every 24 hours and if you find a tick, be ready to remove it immediately.


There you have it!


5 things every pet parent should have in their doggie bag for a safe and fun summer.