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Expert tips for keeping your pet cool and calm this summer

Expert tips for keeping your pet cool and calm this summer

Expert tips for keeping your pet cool and calm this summer

It's summer again. Good times are here with pool parties, family get-togethers, holidays, and the beach. It's also essential to make arrangements for your pet family members' comfortable habits to shift as inevitable. Consider enticing holiday treats, hot weather, vacations, and raucous celebrations.

Dogs struggle more with heat than cats do. And unlike many dogs, they will relocate instinctively to a more comfortable location if they feel uneasy about something. In the summer, dogs require close monitoring.

Things to keep in mind to ensure a calm and safe summer for your pets.


Hydrate first

In the summer, water is crucial. Make sure your pet has access to two full bowls. If you are gone all day, consider using a refilling system and try leaving a sizable chunk of ice in the second bowl for a refreshing drink as it melts.


Maintain their cool.

Dogs can't switch on the air conditioning while wearing shorts. With their coats on, they can easily get too hot. For them, we must keep an eye on the temperature.

Best inside. Close the blinds and keep the house as cool as you can if there is no air conditioning.

On a tiled surface, encourage your pet to relax. Long after the house begins to warm up, tiles continue to be chilly. Your dog can comfortably lie on a dog cooling mat, which is often filled with gel and has a durable cover.

Your pet needs a sufficient shady cover and access to plenty of water if it must be outside. It's a good idea to have a kiddie pool that's full in a shady region. Your dog can take a bath to relieve heat.



On a scorching hot day, the majority of dogs will run themselves just as mad if you don't make wise choices for them. Exercise when the weather is coldest and go a little slower. Bring a lot of water with you.



Sending your dog to a family member or friend's house on a sweltering hot day is perfect if you will be gone for a considerable amount of time.

Or perhaps you'll be fortunate enough to bring your pet to work with you!

Doggy daycare can be the greatest option if you don't have any willing sitters or a place of employment that allows dogs. They are supervised, indoors, in a cool atmosphere, and with other dogs at daycare.



Even for a brief period, avoid taking the chance of leaving your pet in a hot car. Plan your vacation so that your dog is left at home if you have to stop somewhere and they cannot accompany you.

If your planning falls through, leave your dog chained up outside in a shaded area where you can see it for the shortest amount of time feasible.


Ground scorching

Dogs have unprotected feet that are susceptible to burns from hot pavement, scorching sand, and other hot or rough surfaces. Those of us who wear shoes occasionally forget.

For 30 seconds, keep your hand's back flat on the ground. It's not safe for your dog to walk on if it's uncomfortable for you.



Squishy-faced (brachycephalic) animals are susceptible to overheating. For examples of dogs, consider Boxers, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, and Pugs. Persian or Himalayan cats are the most popular breeds.

Normally, these breeds have breathing problems. Breathing in hot temperatures can be quite difficult if there is too much tissue around the mouth and nose.

In the summer, be especially careful with your squishy-faced pet and remember that heat is not good for them. Keep them dry and hydrated indoors. Keep your workout low-key and during a cool part of the day.


Create a tranquil area

Animals can become alarmed by a sudden influx of unfamiliar sounds and odors in your home. They won't understand the thunderous music or dazzling pyrotechnics.

Ensure that your pets have a secure area to retreat to away from the chaos. It might be a unique bed or a quieter location.

If loud gatherings or summer thunderstorms are likely to annoy your pet, think about buying over-the-counter calming medication, like Brave Paws. Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables may promote calm behavior in dogs who exhibit nervousness or anxious behavior. Our clinically-studied and patented botanical blend contains naturally occurring bioactives, including betulinic acid, which have been found to promote a sense of calm and relaxation in dogs.