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How to make your dog greener

How to make your dog greener

How to make your dog greener

Concern about the planet has spread across every industry, with nearly every field out there working to reduce emissions. The pet industry is no different, with new and clever innovations coming out every year, it’s easier than ever to help your pet have green paws. Here are our top tips for a greener pet.

Adopt Your Pet

Puppy mills are a terrible waste of resources. They are cruel to both the animals forced into breeding non-stop, as well as to the planet. The best solution is to give a home to a pet who needs it. Many times you can get a purebred in the age and gender you prefer, there are so many unwanted pets.

If you do want to get a puppy from a breeder, make sure that they are breeding to improve the breed. Look for someone who health tests, and genuinely cares about the pets.

Spay and Neuter

Unwanted litters also have their burden on the planet. Every unwanted pet is a pet that is consuming resources without ever being loved or part of a family. We can help reduce the number of unwanted pets out there by being responsible about breeding.

This means keeping pets that aren’t breeding quality spayed and neutered.

Biodegradable Poop Bags

One of the most common things people do with their dog’s daily is to take them out to poop. When out and about, it’s not a good idea to leave their poop behind. While this is certainly plastic free and (eventually) biodegradable, it can cause harm to wildlife.

Biodegradable poop bags are a good solution for this. They allow you to pick up the poop so your dog doesn’t inadvertently spread disease to wildlife or kill delicate plants, but also breaks down later so no plastic is left in the environment.

Use Ethical Foods and Supplements

What you feed your pet will have one of the biggest impacts on their carbon footprint. Choose foods that are lower down on the food chain first, such as poultry or small game like rabbit. There are even cricket foods available if you want to go that low on the food chain.

Supplements should also be ethically sourced—Bravepaws as an example, is extremely careful with its environmental footprint and goes the extra mile to sustainably source its ingredients.

Buy equipment second hand

Many leashes, collars and harnesses are available made from recycled materials, but you can take this a step farther and browse your local Goodwill. You can often get kennels, collars, and many more products second hand. This helps keep them out of landfill while still benefiting your pet.


Pets bring joy to our lives and are completely worth owning. We can help make them good for the planet as well as good for our hearts through how we handle their daily lives. If you want to give your pet green paws, or are still looking for one to love, these tips will help you get started.