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How to be a sustainable pet parent

How to be a sustainable pet parent

How to be a sustainable pet parent


It can be distressing on garbage day to see how much goes into the bins, and then into the landfill, and that includes the packaging from the products we buy our pets. If you’re concerned about the sustainability of the environment for future generations then you’re not alone. It’s important to buy products that don’t contain packaging that will end up in the landfills, but naturally decompose. Here are a few tips to help you to be a sustainable pet owner.

Cat & Dog Poop


You get used to it after having a pet for years, but there are better ways to manage this waste. It’s not recommended that cat poop be flushed down the toilet. The city water treatment systems can get overwhelmed, and it’s bad enough they have to deal with human microorganisms. Do the same that you would with dog poop. Buy compostable plastic bags and scoop up your doggy poop from outdoors, and cat poop from their litter box. The poop will naturally decompose in the landfills, along with these compostable plastic bags. You can also buy natural cat litter, such as corn- or grass-derived, and dispose of it the same way.


Recycle Food Containers


After you have fed your dog or cat, wash out their food containers and place them in the recycling bins at your house or apartment. Some bins take the lids, some don’t, so check with your local city bylaws. Most cities are accepting flexible plastics now, so you can also recycle those treat bags and big bags of food. The food treat squeeze bags can also go in the flexible plastic recycling bin.


Fix What You Can


If your cat’s scratchy post is looking torn up, you can remove the carpet and the twine and re-cover it with new materials, instead of buying a new one. Toss old toys inside a protective cloth bag and into the washing machine and dryer. Once dry, sew up any loose ends, remove any items that are coming loose (eyes, nose), then spray with catnip to refresh them. Your cat will have no idea they aren’t brand new, nor will your dog care either!


 Purchase sustainable products

Sustainable products are making waves, from sustainably sourced ingredients (to compostable packaging.  Before you buy products, check the label and see if they are earth friendly.  Amazon makes it a little easier with their Climate Friendly products.  You can actually choose this option when you search for pet products. 

You will be happy to know that not only is Brave Paws Daily Anxiety and Stress support sustainably sourced, product sales support a women-led coop in Costa Rica!

Most likely you’ll think up other ways of being more aware of you and your pet’s impact on the environment. Over time it will be a natural process for you, and you’ll feel happy and confident in knowing you’re doing your part for the happiness of future generations.