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Do you know these facts about Chihuahuas?

Do you know these facts about Chihuahuas?

Do you know these facts about Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas are a unique breed of dog. This tiny breed is known for having a saucy attitude, and for a few characteristics unique to their breed. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about chihuahuas.

They have rituals around their food

Chihuahuas can’t eat their dry food like ordinary dogs. They must scoop up a few bites, carry it to a special rug or blanket, and eat it there. Some chihuahuas may even take their food to a completely different room to eat it.

They are one of the longest-lived breeds of dog

The oldest dog currently living is a chihuahua. Many chihuahuas live well into their teens and can easily reach 20 years of age. This is in part because many of their common health issues, such as slipping patellas and eye issues, don’t shorten their lifespan.

They need extra care for their teeth

Those cute little muzzles are small, and that means less room for their teeth. Overcrowding is common in chihuahuas. You can help keep their teeth healthy through daily home toothbrushing, and annual dentals at the vets.

Chihuahuas are an environmentally friendly breed

Chihuahuas are a tiny breed, which means they don’t need a whole lot of food to eat. Their small size gives them a lower impact on the environment because they need less to be comfortable.

Chihuahuas have an ancient history

Chihuahuas descend from an ancient breed of dog known as the Techichi. The Techichi was a beloved companion of the Aztecs and Toltecs. They were originally voiceless, but ancient civilizations bred them with breeds like the Chinese Crested so they could bark and warn their owners of intruders.

The Techichi was also slightly larger than the modern chihuahua, and regularly hunted in packs.

Chihuahuas prefer the company of their own kind

Most chihuahuas prefer to hang out with other chihuahuas. Although they can and do get along with other breeds of all sizes, they can recognize their own breed and actively prefer it. If you have a chihuahua and are thinking about getting another dog—chances are your chihuahua will be happiest if you bring home another chi.

Chihuahuas can be heroes

This year a chihuahua was named the most heroic dog of the year by the humane society. MacKenzie has helped save the lives of hundreds of shelter animals by taking in orphaned babies as if they were her own. She comforts them, cares for them, and even lets them nurse on her. She has helped raise hundreds of pets so that they grow up socialized and ready for a forever home.

Another hero chihuahua is Bubu. When her beloved owner suffered a stroke while working on his boat, he needed help. He asked his concerned chihuahua Bubu, to go find the Dockmaster. Bubu understood what his owner wanted.

He rushed to get the dockmaster and bring him back to provide lifesaving aid.

They are natural burrowers

Don’t even think about sitting down on that bed before checking to make sure it’s just a bed. Chihuahuas love to burrow under blankets and can make their way down underneath pillows and comforters until they’re completely invisible.

Chihuahuas have a huge number of color varieties

The AKC recognizes 30 different color varieties in Chihuahuas. On top of this, there are no color restrictions. If a chihuahua being shown does not have a color that matches one of these varieties, it is not considered a fault.

Little body big brain

Chihuahuas may be the smallest breed out there, but they have the biggest brains compared to their body size. This is because all breeds of dog have about the same sized brain—about the same size as a tangerine, but chihuahuas have the same sized brain in a tiny body. That’s a lot of brain for a little chi!

Chihuahuas are a fascinating breed of dog. Despite their small size, they seem to view themselves as big dogs, and demand to be treated that way. They are intelligent, sometimes hilarious, and always adorable. We hope you enjoyed these 10 things you didn’t know about chihuahuas.

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