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How to keep your dog chill during the holidays

How to keep your dog chill during the holidays

How to keep your dog chill during the holidays

The holidays are ahead and they’re going to be busy this year as more people are anxious in getting back into regular socializing. But the holidays can also be stressful for pets, from new people visiting, lots of noise, and even fireworks! You don’t want them cowering in the corner, wondering what is happening. The best advice is to include your pet in your holiday plans whether they’re a dog, a cat, or a small mammal.

Here are a few tips to help you start planning now, so you’re ready in a few week’s time!


Designate a Safe Space


You may be planning on setting up the tree in a spot where your pet now sleeps. This will displace them. Instead of rushing to put up the tree and decorations, find a better spot for your pet’s bed now. It may be against the wall behind the couch, or in a spot in the dining room where it’s quiet most of the day. If these rooms are going to be busy, moving the pet’s bed and belongings to a bedroom may be the best solution.


Make Pet-Friendly Foods


If you’re cooking food menu items that contain garlic, peppers, or onions, then these are toxic to your dog or cat. But you don’t want them to feel left out of the meal. Instead, you can cook up some plain chicken or turkey for them, and store it away from the other foods that they cannot eat. During meal time, you can fill up their dishes with their special treats. This also keeps them occupied, so they don’t sit and beg at the table.


Set Up Pet-Friendly Activities


Include your dog in your outdoor activities, such as going for a family walk, or building a snowman in the back yard. If it’s chilly, they can wear their own sweaters. If indoors, have some toys ready to entertain them, so they don’t intrude on your board games. One family member can be designated to keep the pet happy while the others enjoy their activities.


Help with the stress

Some dogs maybe nervous when strangers come to the house. When they get nervous and anxious, they may bark, chew things up, or even pee on the rug, and this does not make a fun holiday. For dogs that have occasional stress like holiday stress, pick up some Brave Paws Daily Anxiety and Stress Support for dogs. Brave Paws checks off all the boxes: fast-acting, non-drowsy, and vet approved. Check them out at 

Finally, don’t forget to include your pet in the gift-giving. Wrap their gifts up, but fold the edges together so they don’t ingest any tape. You can spray the cat’s gifts with catnip spray, so they’ll be eager to tear their gifts open. Your pets will be happy and excited that there is something under the tree for them!