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Do you like helping dogs and their human companions? Are sustainable, regenerative agriculture farming practices important to you? Is your audience looking for the best , all-natural, clinically studied dog supplements for anxiety and noise-induced phobias?

Brave Paws is not just another blending of the same ingredients abundantly available on the market today, but a patented formula combining the unique Souroubea app and Platanus app, for a fast acting, safe, and effective means of helping your dog manage cortisol levels with natural betulinic acid.

Helpful for dogs in almost all stressful situations, from thunder and fireworks to travel, separation anxiety, and more.

Are you a Blogger, Creator, or Influencer?  Does your audience like to hear about your experiences and Pet Product Reviews? We also welcome Veterinarians, Rescues, Shelters, Dog Walkers, and Trainers and more! We work closely with our affiliates, offering a 10% commission, custom promo-codes, content, research, and brand creative.

Have a unique opportunity you’d like to discuss?  We’d love to hear it, and as this is our direct program we’re always open to creating something customized with our partners. Give us a all and let’s discuss.

Sign up today and your application will be reviewed within 2-3 business days. We will then call you to verify all information and answer any questions you may have about the company, the products, or the program.

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