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Get ready for the summer fun with these tips

Get ready for the summer fun with these tips

Get ready for the summer fun with these tips

If there’s one thing many people can count on when summertime comes around, it’s fun. Whether it be festivities, fireworks, music, and games, there are seemingly endless sources of fun during the summer. However, though these might be fun activities for us, they could be the exact opposite for your dog. Many dogs are very frightened of loud sounds that seem to be amplified in the summer by festivities or thunderstorms. You want to prevent your dog from experiencing loud noise-related anxiety and ensure a fun, relaxed summer for both of you. In this article, you’ll find five summer must-haves to help your dog stay happy and comfortable during the season! 


Believe it or not, the right type of music can provide relaxation and security from any loud noises outside (including other types of music). Many dogs enjoy the sounds of classical music. If you notice your dog reacting negatively and anxiously to loud sounds outside, try moving them to a quieter place and turning on some classical music. Classical music provides some background noise to drown out the unpleasant noises that are giving your dog anxiety. You can also try sleep noises like ocean sounds, rain sounds, or other types of white noise. 


One thing that almost all dogs have in common is their love for toys and treats. During a stressful or anxious time, they can provide some relaxation and calm for your dog. Make sure they have plenty of toys to choose from, and frequently reward them with treats. Though this may not eliminate their anxiety in regards to loud noises outside, it will definitely alleviate them.  If your dog has anxiety, a great treat that may help is Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress support for dogs.


The best way to help your anxious dog in the summertime is to create a safe space for them to retreat into when there are scary loud noises outside. This will preferably be somewhere where the noises are diluted. Consider a closet or other small space that you can transform into a safe zone with blankets, pillows, and toys. This will allow your pup to remove themselves from these stressful situations. 


Another good idea is a snuggie or blanket to wrap around their ears to block out the noise. While not all dogs will enjoy this technique, it is a good idea to try. There is plenty of dog-ear covers out there that will provide your dog with some relief when it comes to loud noises. They may make your dog look silly, but they’ll be much more comfortable. 


Finally, the best thing you can do for your dog is to pamper them with lots of love and affection. Let them know that it is okay and you are there to protect them. Talk to your dog in a soothing voice, and give them lots of pets and snuggles. Your dog trusts you, and you need to let them know that they are safe. If possible, stay with them for the duration of the loud noises that are giving them anxiety.