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3 Ways to Make the Fourth of July Better for Your Anxious Dog

3 Ways to Make the Fourth of July Better for Your Anxious Dog

3 Ways to Make the Fourth of July Better for Your Anxious Dog

Break out the flags, fireworks, and heat up the BBQ...its time to celebrate the Fourth of July!

As Americans everywhere get ready to mark Independence Day, there is one four- legged family member we cant forget our dogs. Many dogs find July 4th difficult. The day is filled with loud noises. Additionally, there might be friends visiting from out of town and children running around. Or very strange looking objects close by, like parade floats, sparklers, and balloons.

This can all be scary for an anxious dog!

So, to prepare your pooch for the Fourth of July, My Pet Candy has 3 super easy ideas that will help them relax (and hopefully enjoy the day, too).

Idea #1: Exercise Your Dog

Have you ever gotten pregame jitters? Or felt stressed before a big test?

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety for both humans and dogs is by providing an outlet for all that frenzied energy. For example, you can take your pup for a long walk. Have a pool? Go for a swim. Play fetch in the backyard. Do some obedience training. Anything that gets your dog moving.

Basically, the goal is to tucker them out.

Exercising a dog before the Fourth of July festivities get into full swing is a fantastic way to ensure the afternoon and evening go smoothly. With so much energy burned, its likely they will want to sleep away the opposed to pacing, panting, or barking restlessly.

They relax while you celebrate. Its a win-win!

Idea #2: Make a Safe and Quiet Space

Secondly, give your dog somewhere to go. Every year, there are unfortunate stories of dogs who broke out of their yard or house on July 4th because they were terrified and tried to escape the scarysounds.

Remember, your dog doesnt understand what a firework is. Even though we know these are harmless, some dogs get extremely worked up by the loud explosions.

The solution?

Create a safe place for your dog. Ideally, this will be somewhere quiet, like in their crate (with the door left open), down to the basement, cuddling in the bedroom or on the couch together, etc.

Dont forget to also close the windows!

Idea #3: Give a Calming Supplement (like Brave Paws)

Third, thousands of pets benefit from taking a calming supplement. Veterinarian- approved supplements can help lower your dogs anxiety.

For instance, look at Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support.

This is a sustainably sourced, plant-based option trusted by pet parents. 60 minutes before a stressful event like a firework show dogs can be fed a chewable tablet (dosage dependent on their body weight). The powerful botanicals and Souroubea extracts promote a sense of calm in dogs, leaving them relaxed and ready to handle many July 4th stressors.

Its fast acting and effective.

Get Ready to Celebrate

So, whether you decide to celebrate at home or outdoors with others, take a moment to think about your dog. While this is a fun day for us, it can be incredibly hard on our pets. But with a little planning, everyone can have a good time puppies included!

My Pet Candy wishes you a happy Fourth of July!