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Goldendoodle Separation Anxiety

Goldendoodle Separation Anxiety

Goldendoodle Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common issue for Goldendoodles and can cause them significant distress when left alone. As social pack animals, dogs naturally crave companionship and togetherness. Being suddenly separated from their beloved owners can trigger anxiety, stress, and even panic in some Goldendoodles. The good news is there are effective techniques you can use to ease your Goldendoodle's separation woes. With time and consistency, you can help your dog learn to feel relaxed and content even while you're away.


Signs Your Goldendoodle Has Separation Anxiety

How do you know if your Goldendoodle is suffering from separation anxiety? There are some clear behavioral indicators to look out for:

  • Destructive Behavior - Chewing, digging, urinating, defecating, and barking excessively only when left alone
  • Escaping - Trying to break out of crates, dig under fences, or squeeze through doors
  • Pacing - Walking around anxiously, unable to settle
  • Salivating - Drooling due to stress
  • Tremors - Visible shaking from anxiety
  • Excessive Greeting - Jumping, whining, licking frantically when you return after an absence

If your Goldendoodle exhibits multiple signs of distress exclusively when you leave them, separation anxiety is likely the culprit.

goldendoodle separation anxiety

Why Do Goldendoodles Get Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety stems from a dog's instinctual need to be part of a pack. As descendants of wolves, dogs are hard-wired to bond closely with their family groups for safety and survival. When left alone, anxious dogs feel abandoned and vulnerable.

Additionally, Goldendoodles form particularly strong attachments thanks to their famously friendly, loyal temperament. They thrive when constantly engaged with their loved ones. Solitude outside of their comfort zone can be challenging.

On top of that, rescuing a Goldendoodle from a shelter or puppy mill can increase separation issues. These dogs often have traumatic backgrounds which prime them for anxiety. Lack of proper socialization as a puppy is another risk factor.


How To Ease Your Goldendoodle's Separation Anxiety

While separation anxiety cannot be cured overnight, there are many effective tactics for reducing your Goldendoodle's distress when you step out:

  • Desensitization Training - Gradually get your dog accustomed to being alone by starting with brief departures and absences. Reward calm behavior.
  • Stick to Routines - Dogs feel comforted by predictable schedules. Set regular times for walks, feeding, playtime and departure/arrival.
  • Leave Engaging Distractions - Puzzle toys stuffed with treats, Kongs filled with peanut butter, and other interactive toys can help divert your dog's focus while you're gone.
  • Create a Safe Space - Designate a comfortable crate or sectioned room as your dog's designated chill-out zone when home alone. It should include familiar bedding, toys, and worn clothing with your scent.
  • Exercise Beforehand - A long walk or play session before you leave can take the edge off your Goldendoodle's energy and anxiety.
  • Soothing Music or TV - Quiet background noise can reassure dogs when they're by themselves.
  • Try Calming Supplements - All-natural anti-anxiety products like Brave Paws chews can mellow dogs without sedating them. Made with an exclusive  calming complex, these functional treats are veterinarian-approved to reduce stress.
  • Vet Prescribed Medications - In severe cases, prescription anti-anxiety meds may be warranted to help dogs overcome separation crises.

With time, patience and TLC, you can curb your Goldendoodle's separation stress and help them learn to feel safe and relaxed on their own. Consistency is key - the more frequently you practice solo time, the more confident your furry friend will become. Soon your dog will be wagging their tail at your return rather than freaking out. By implementing proven techniques to ease anxiety, you can help your Goldendoodle live their best, worry-free life.


How Brave Paws Can Soothe Your Anxious Goldendoodle

If your dog suffers from debilitating anxiety that doesn’t fully respond to natural techniques, anti-anxiety supplements like Brave Paws may provide the extra calming support they need. Made with research-backed botanicals, Brave Paws chews are veterinarian-approved to safely reduce worry and stress in dogs.

While natural methods like routines, crate training and calming music can help take the edge off milder cases of separation anxiety or noise phobias, dogs with more severe anxiety may need the added assistance of plant-based supplements. This is where Brave Paws comes in – 

specially formulated with unique and exclusive botanicals that help provide calming support for anxious dogs.


The Key Botanicals In Brave Paws

Brave Paws contains two main botanical ingredients shown in trials to have anti-anxiety benefits in dogs:

  • Souroubea - Also known as “calm vine,” Souroubea is traditionally used in South American herbal medicine to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Recent research indicates Souroubea decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol in anxious Goldendoodles.
  • Sycamore Bark - Containing plant compounds believed to support calm behavior, Sycamore bark has a long history of use for medicinal purposes. Sycamore may possess natural soothing properties when consumed.

Both of these botanicals are sustainably wild-harvested in their natural habitats to retain their bioactive properties. They give Brave Paws its fast-acting, non-drowsy calming effects.


Regular Use For Ongoing Problems

While Brave Paws starts calming dogs within 30-60 minutes, it can also be given daily or as-needed to manage recurrent issues like separation distress, vet visits, grooming, travel anxiety and reactivity/aggression triggered by stress. The natural active botanicals are non-addictive and safe for long-term use.

Over 60 reviews report outstanding results for anxious, easily-stressed dogs. Owners say Brave Paws has been a “miracle” worker, making their dogs “much happier during stressful situations.”


Why Brave Paws Is A Cut Above

What makes Brave Paws different than other calming supplements?

  • Clinically studied active ingredients
  • Fast-acting within an hour
  • Long-lasting effects up to 8-10 hours
  • Non-drowsy formula
  • Vet recommended and approved
  • 100% drug-free
  • Unique active ingredients – Souroubea and Sycamore
  • Patented and exclusive formula
  • Made in the USA

Brave Paws is also free of soy, corn, grain, wheat, fillers or artificial flavors. Instead, it contains a tasty real beef liver powder dogs love. As an extra plus, Brave Paws is cheaper than prescription anti-anxiety medication.


Give Your Anxious Dog The Calm They Deserve

If anxiety is diminishing your dog’s quality of life even after trying natural methods, Brave Paws Calming Support soft chews can provide fast-acting plant-based relief without sedation. Backed by science and over 60 reviews, Brave Paws may help your stressed-out dog finally relax and enjoy life again. For anxious canines, this natural supplement can be life-changing.

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