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Why do dogs hate fireworks?

Why do dogs hate fireworks?

Why do dogs hate fireworks?

New Years Eve is just a few weeks away, and with it pet lovers everywhere are preparing their pets for one of their most dreaded days of the year. While to us, New Years Day symbolizes new hope and the turning of a new year, for dogs it just means a whole lot of scary booms.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways you can help your pet cope with the oncoming holiday rush of fireworks. Here are our top tips so your pet can enjoy a peaceful New Year.

Microchip your pet

There is nothing more terrifying to your pet than being lost and alone. Nothing perhaps, except fireworks. Shelter intake spikes after holidays involving fireworks because many dogs panic at the sound and run away. By the time they regain their senses, they’ve often forgotten how to get home.

Microchipping your pet gives them the best chance at getting back should they be able to slip by you and escape. It’s also wise to have your dog’s collar with ID tags on for this holiday, even if you normally let them go ‘naked’ in the house.

Cover up Noise

Playing soft music or the radio in the house before the fireworks start can help drown out the sound and make it easier for them. There are even playlists on youtube and spotify especially designed as white noise for pets.

While this may not help drown out the noise entirely, it will help in reducing the noise for your pet.

Give them something extra

Calming supplements are available that can help your pet relax during fireworks. A great one for reducing anxiety is the Brave Paws Daily Anxiety and Stress Support supplement. This natural supplement is completely safe for your pet, tastes great, and helps them relax.

Food puzzles are also another extra you can give your pet that will help ease their minds. When they’re focused on extracting every last delicious drop of canned food from a Kong, they might not worry as much about the fireworks.

Make Your New Years Resolution to Desensitize Your Dog

With any luck, you will have many New Years with your pet. That means many days camped under bed with your pet dreading the End Times. Since a ban on all fireworks isn’t going to happen any time soon, it’s better to prepare your pet so they’re not afraid.

You can start desensitizing your pet by downloading fireworks sounds, and playing them softly for your pet. Pair the sounds of the fireworks (played so softly your pet doesn’t react) to a tasty snack.

Practice every day, and gradually make the sounds louder. If your pet ever shows fear, go back to a lower sound until they can handle the noise.


Fireworks terrify many dogs, but you can take steps to help them. With the right combination of relaxing supplements, white noise, and yummy food, you can help them enjoy the holiday too. When it’s over, working on their fears to help them overcome them can long term be the best thing you’ve ever done for your pet.