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What are the coolest gifts for dogs?

What are the coolest gifts for dogs?

What are the coolest gifts for dogs?

Coolest Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you are searching for a cool gift for a dog owner then there are plenty of options. If they also have a dog, you can buy a gift that works for the both of them. Have a discreet look around their home to see what needs to be replaced, or what would look great in there!

New Collar & Leash for the Dog Owner

A retractable and lockable leash is perfect for the dog owner who has a new dog that is still in training. The dog can run and pull out the leash to a desired length, but if the owner spots danger, they can lock up the leash so the dog can go no further. It’s a simple way to keep their beloved pet safe on the streets. A new collar is also a great idea, with a small hook where a tag can be attached with vaccine and owner info.


Books on Dogs

There are many more topics on dogs than simply dog care books, though you may be interested in those too. There are many fiction and non-fiction books with stories about true-life dogs who have saved their humans. There are also funny books with dog humor in there too, which are perfect if you know someone who needs cheering up. Or, a coffee table book filled with dogs in costumes would be another fun way to cheer someone up!


Fun Custom Dog Merch

There are dozens of companies offering custom merchandise for your friends or family. Some examples include t-shirts where you can choose the breed of the dog, then add the dog’s name with the pet owner’s name. There are also ceramic ornaments for sale, or plates and dishes. Some companies will even do fully-customizable human t-shirts, so if you have a great photo of their dog on your device, you can send that in to have custom shirts made up.


Magnets and Stickers

If your dog-loving friend lives in a smaller home and has a small space for belongings, you’ll want to give them a smaller gift. A dog magnet they can put on the fridge will make a fun gift, or even some doggy stickers that they can stick on their notebooks, or on their vehicle.


Brave Paws

If your dog gets nervous around the holidays, she may benefit from Brave Paws Daily Anxiety and Stress support. Safe to give daily for anxious pets or you can use with a dog who only gets stress periodically, just give an hour before needed.


If the dog lover is more excited for your gift than the dog, you will know that you have achieved great success in your gift buying purchase!