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Secrets to road tripping with your dog

Secrets to road tripping with your dog

Secrets to road tripping with your dog

If you're dreaming of spending some time on the road with your pup, this article will help to quick-start your vacation! We will cover the simple preparations to make before heading off and the essentials you need to bring for a fun trip together.

How to Prepare for the Trip With Your Dog

Bringing your dog on vacation is a great way to bond and have tons of fun, too! Check out the list below to cover some tips to make it a safe and enjoyable journey.

#1. Choose the right form of transportation.

If you're flying, be sure of your airline's policy of traveling with a dog. If you choose to drive, consider your dog's size and energy level to determine if they should ride in the car with you or in a crate in the backseat. There are also dog seat belts to buckle them and limit their movements while you drive.

#2. Plan ahead for accommodations.

If you're staying in a hotel, call ahead to make sure they allow dogs and find out what their pet policy is. If you're camping, research dog-friendly campgrounds in advance. Some campsites even have dog parks and other dog-friendly amenities.

#3. Pack everything your dog will need.

Bring along your dog’s food, drinking water, favorite toys, blankets or bedding, and any other items to make them feel at home. Bring their ID tags and rabies vaccination paperwork, too, so you are fully prepared.

What to Pack in Your Dog’s Suitcase

This list gives the essential items for caring for your pup during travel. If you think of anything else, just remember to add it to the list!


  •  plenty of dog food and drinking water

  •  a leash and collar or harness

  • favorite toys

  •  dog treats

  •  waste bags

  •  a first aid kit

  • For those dogs that get stressed during the trip, make sure to bring Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support for dogs.

    If you're traveling with your dog, it's important to take some time to plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need to keep them happy and healthy. With a little bit of preparation, it can be an easy-going adventure for you and your canine companion.