Brave Paws Daily Anxiety and Stress Support - Case of 12

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 Why Buy Brave Paws?

  • A natural formula for anxiety – Brave Paws Anxiety & Stress Relief are tasty beef flavored chewable supplements with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients that may help calm dogs.  
  • Advanced complex of clinically studied ingredients – These treats contain Souroubea spp.—Souroubea, a genus of flowering plants native to Costa Rica and other tropical areas, has traditionally been used in Central American cultures for its calming dog chews properties to treat nervousness and anxious behavior.
  • Features a patented botanical blend – Each chew treat contains Betulinic acid and triterpines, which may help minimize anxiety, reduce scratching, comfort and relaxation with no drowsy effect.
  • Perfect for any stressful scenario – This soothing supplement helps your canine feel relaxed and at ease in moments that cause stress such as a thunderstorms, car ride travel, fireworks, or vet visits.
  • May help with hyperactivity  – This patented botanical formula helps to promote calmness to reduce jumping and barking for dogs with hyperactive behavior.

The Brave Paws Difference     

  Veterinarian recommended and clinically researched

  Non-drowsy, fast acting, and melatonin-free.

  Sustainably sourced and patented botanical blend    

  Plant based, contains no soy, corn, or grain. 

  100% Satisfaction guaranteed