Which anti-anxiety supplement is best

It’s easy to see that an anxious dog is a suffering one. You’ve probably seen the signs of a dog experiencing anxiety. The tell-tale signs of nervousness usually involve running away fearfully or cowering.

A Natural Synergistic Combo

It’s common for dog owners to look for alternative wellness products, such as anti-anxiety herbs while having routine veterinary care. Countless varieties of natural herbs exist to improve anxiety symptoms in your dog. Among these different types of herbs are Plantus Spp. Bark and Souroubea, which together create a synergistic combination for improving anxiety. Here’s a little insight into the benefits of adding Souroubea and Platanus bark into your dog's diet.

This is how it works: Souroubea acts upon the calming receptors in the central nervous system and lowers the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in dogs. Studies on Souroubea have demonstrated its ability to help reduce anxiety incidents for dogs. Platanus bark is derived from the Sycamore tree found in the northern part of the world and has been investigated for its calming effects. If you're interested in trying a Souroubea and Platanus supplement to treat your dog's anxiety, be sure to follow the instructions on the label for the proper dosage.


If you have an anxious dog on your hands, it’s possible to prevent or minimize their trouble. Rest assured, that there is a happy and well-adjusted dog under all the anxiety. You can help your beloved dog find their bliss again by utilizing the power of natural supplements.